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Driving Instruction

Driving Instruction is available at all our track events. We offer the very best on track driving instruction from our staff of highly skilled and experienced drivers.  Driving instruction for first time track drivers are a must.  No matter how hard you have driven your car on the street, nothing will prepare you better for track driving then to go thorough our at track-driving school.  This course will start out with a classroom session that will cover all the basics for your first time out on the track.  We'll discus the drivers line, track entry and exit.  Breaking zones, turn in, corner entry, and exit.  Proper apex points of the track, weight transfer and many other important track driving techniques that will help bring you up to speed safely on a road course.  After our classroom session, we'll move out on the track for a lead and follow session.  This will be your first time on track and we'll bring you up to speed slowly.  You'll be placed in line with other students and all will follow various "lead" cars on the track.  This will help show you the drivers line and let you get a feel for the track surface.  You'll start to familiarize yourself with the corners and elevation changes.  After the lead and follow session, all students will report to their individual instructor for in-car instruction.  In-car instruction will be one on one instruction in your car while on track.  You instructor will be with you for a full session going over real world applications of track driving.  This is where the instructor will show you where to break, accelerate and where to look for visual clues that will help you negotiate the track.  After the in-car session is over, you're on your own, driving your car safely on a road course.  Track driving instruction helps keep everyone safe on the course, but with all the basic areas of track driving covered, it will also help you better enjoy your day at the track.

For more intermediate and advance drivers looking to receive more in-depth coaching, or full day driving schools, please contact Joel Perez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We also have cars available for rent.