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Streets of Willow 11/03/2018 ( Saturday )

STREETS OF WILLOW Saturday 11/03/2018

We will be running CounterClockwise 

This event is open to all types of cars and drivers...Beginners are welcome

Free  Basic on track instruction for all drivers

3 Digit Number Plates are required - Must be vinyl or Magnethic. Blue Tape is not allowed 

ONLY SA2010+ Helmets Allowed. Drivers With M Rated Helmets Will Not Be allowed on Track!!!. 


The Streets of Willow is a great short track, and local favorite. This track provides a good start for novices, yet gives advance drivers a challenge as well. We'll be running the full track with the bowl. This is a 1.8 mile road course with 14 turns and three elevation changes, and plenty of run-off space for a safe track going experience.

All types and makes of cars welcome!
Arrival time: 7:00am
Drivers Meeting: 8:15AM (all drivers)
Full schedule available at the track

This event is a self-tech event. It is your responsibility to make sure your car is safe for the race track.You must fill this out and turn it in at registration. Be sure to download a Tech Inspection Form. Present completed form at the morning of the event.


Willow Springs Raceway charges a $10 gate fee for all who enter.


Event Details

Event Name: Streets of Willow 11/03/2018 ( Saturday )
Show Event Date: Nov 3, 2018
Individual Registration Rate: 120.00
Show Total Registrator: 81
Available: 9
Start Date: Sep 30, 2013
End Date: Nov 3, 2018
Show Category: November 2018
Address: 3500 75th Street West, Rosamond, CA 93560