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Q: Can I Rent a Track car at the event?
A: Yes we have vehicles that are track ready. That are Available for rent.
Please visit this link for more information: http://www.extremespeedtrackevents.com/track-car-rentals

Q: Can I sign up at the track?
A: Yes.  However, there is no guarantee that there will be an opening for you.  It is highly recommended that you sign up online at www.extremespeedtrackevents.com to guarantee your spot.

Q: What safety equipment do I need?
A: Helmets as well as OEM 3 point belts are required.  Helmets must be rated SA2010+ or better.  Rental helmets will be available as well.  A proper harness bar must be installed in your car if you wish to use a 5 or 6 point harness.  4 point harnesses are not recommended.

Q: What can I expect to happen to my car?
A: Driving on track is a little bit rougher on your car.  If you are running street tires, you probably will not use more than 2/32" of tread.  However, this is really up to you.  If you are set on trying to drift around every corner, your tires will wear much more quickly.  Typical, well controlled fast driving will not use up your tires as long as they have a good amount of life remaining.  You should make sure you have at least 50% of your brake pad left before showing pu at the track.  If you have less, it may be wise to bring an extra set of pads, or get fresh pads installed, and bring the old pads as spares.

Novices typically will experience much less wear than an experienced driver, because they are not pushing their cars as hard.

Q: I have a convertible.  Is that a problem?
A: Vehicles with adequate factory roll-over protection and OEM saftey protection may run at the track with no additional safety equipment.
After market roll bar protection is always recommended. Tall drivers may wish to install an aftermarket roll-bar for their own safety.  If you are unsure if your convertible will be allowed to run, please contact an event organizer.ExtremeSpeed always insists on saftey so if you have questions please contact us.

Q: Do I have to compete if there is a competition on that track day?   NO !!! You will be running in a seperate run group with other drivers that have the same driver skill for example... begginers have there own group separate from the advanced drivers.

Q: What are the requirements to drive my car on track?
A: - You must bring a fully filled out TECH FORM with you to the track.
- Your car must be in good working condition, and not leaking any fluids.good
brakes,tires etc...
- You must bring a Helmet rated sa2010+ or better.
- You must have OEM 3 point seat belts or better in good working condition.
- A tow hook or tow point must be established on your car.  Two tow points, one front and one rear, are recommended.

Q: I've never been on a track before so I need an instructor. What can I expect?
A: You must sign up for the beginner group.  Group instruction is available for all beginner group participants.  There will be a general driver's meeting, covering the different flags and their meanings, as well as the passing rules.  After the driver's meeting, there will be an additional beginners classroom session, followed by an on-track lead-follow session for you to familiarize yourself with the track at a comfortable pace, following an instructor.  1-on-1 professional instruction is also available.

Q: How do I sign up for the Competition?

Q: How should I dress at the track?
A: Closed toe shoes are required.  Long sleeve shirts and pants are preferred.  However, shorts and t-shirts are okay.  A racing suit, of course, would be best. :)  We recommend dressing in layers, as it can get to over 100F during the day, and under 50F at night.

Q: Is there an extra cost to join the Competition?
A: Not at all!  Any and all owners are welcome to join, provided your car fits the rules for the competition and you have the experience level.

Q: Are there prizes for Competition?
A: You bet!


Q: Can I Have Passengers?

We do not allow passengers without prior approval from our Chief instructor,all passengers must sign release wavier and drive on track with one of our approved race instructors only... 


Q: I am Under 17 can i drive ?

 No one under the age of 17 can drive or be a passenger in any of extremespeedtrackevents track days unless a parent or legal gardian is present and all applicable waivers are signed


2;  Cancellation and Refund Policy ...Cancellation and Future Credit Policy

Participants signing up using a promotion code or special discount code will not eligible to cancel their reservation at any event under any circumstance.Participants signing up at the normal prices will be eligible for credit toward a future event for the full amount paid, provided that the cancellation is received by Extremespeedtrackevents a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. Notification of cancellation must be delivered in person or via e-mail to Extremespeedtrackevents staff.
All events will be run rain or shine,refunds will not be giving due to any weather conditions.

Mechanical problems at the event are not grounds for cancellation.
Should Extremespeedtrackevents  decide to cancel an event for any reason,stated or not stated, all participants signed up for the cancelled event will be issued track credit for the full amount paid toward a future event.